Car News GoodYear’s concept tyre Eagle 360 at Geneva Motor Show 2016

Published on March 15th, 2016 | by Team

Tyres of the Future – An Amazing Concept by Goodyear

Goodyear has stepped forward in taking the technology of car tyres to a new level with its latest tyres concept. The Goodyear Eagle-360 is not an ordinary concept, in fact, it’s a whole new and potent technology unearthed by the renowned tire making company. Goodyear has been one of the most reliable tyres making firm for years. With its latest concept of tyres, Goodyear aims to bring new solutions to tyres safety problems and also bolster the functional capabilities of modern day tyres.

The Driving Force behind Eagle-360 Technology

The main purpose of this amazing concept is to enhance the safety levels of tyres in modern day cars. In recent times, a number of fatal car accidents take place due to a sudden burst of tyres.

Tyres can burst due to numerous reasons:

  • Low Tire Pressure
  • Elevated Heat and Stress Levels
  • Past Damage/Injury
  • Excessive Flexing of the Tyres at High Speed
  • Ageing of the Tyres

Goodyear Eagle 360 concept tyres use latest sensor technology to ensure security

To overcome these important problems with the tyres which can often lead to deadly accidents, it’s imperative to bring new safety technologies to the display. Goodyear has taken a strong initiative in this regard and brought a completely new phenomenon to the tyres industry.

How the Idea is Innovative

Goodyear has made a concentrated effort to maximise the security features in their new IntelliGrip concept. The shape of the tyres has been turned from regular round shape to a complete sphere. There is a significant reason behind this change i.e. the sphere shape allows the tyres to turn in any direction any time at any given speed which is not possible in case of the regular round tyres. This is massive alteration presented in the concept of Goodyear as it raises the safety levels associated with the tyres.

Goodyear Eagle 360 concept tyres use latest technology

Built-In Sensors for Car Control

This is an amazing feature presented by Goodyear in its magnetically controlled concept tyres. The idea involves the built-in sensors in the tyres which continue to track the road conditions and send the inputs back to the car for a safe drive. The sensors inside the tyres also record the amount of pressure and heat absorbed by the tyres. This technical boost helps in keeping a good measure of the condition of the tyres to avoid any unwanted burst.

Goodyear Eagle 360 concept tyres use latest sensor technology

Scope of the Goodyear Tyres Technology

In its own frame, the technology introduced by Goodyear tyres carries great weight but it’s hard to predict when it will be adopted worldwide. The car companies with their own plans set might turn to this technology after some time but it does not seem to happen in near future. However, the efforts of Goodyear are commendable in improving the safety levels of the tyres. The new tyres concept is exciting and has great potential for the future.

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