Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your Car to a Specialist Car Buying Company


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The process of selling a car in the UAE can be quite challenging, even for experienced sellers. It can get even more difficult for car owners who don’t have any prior car selling experience as they can face a lot of difficulty in finding a genuine buyer and negotiating a fair deal.

There are several options available for selling a used car in the UAE, which include classified websites, car dealerships and specialist car buying companies. Sellers should analyze all the options carefully before choosing a suitable platform to avoid the challenges associated with car selling in the UAE. These challenges may include car frauds, stressful buyer-seller negotiations, lengthy paperwork, and difficulty in evaluating a fair resale price for the vehicle.

To avoid the above-mentioned challenges, the ideal way to sell your used car in the UAE is through a specialist car buying company. Specialist car buying companies provide a reliable and safe platform to sell a used car quickly and conveniently.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why choosing a specialist car buying company is one of the best ways to sell a used car in the UAE.

Comprehensive Car Evaluation Process

Determining the resale value of the car is one of the most important parts of the car selling process as it helps in finding a serious buyer quickly. Many sellers tend to overprice their cars which can make it difficult to find an interested buyer as it creates a huge gap between the seller’s demand and buyer’s expectations. Therefore, if sellers know the real market value of their vehicle, they can set a fair and realistic price of their vehicle, which can help them find a suitable buyer quickly.

Specialist car buying companies offer professional car evaluation that can help sellers feel much more confident during buyer-seller negotiations. Knowing the true resale value of the car can help them get the best offer from the buyer. Moreover, choosing a specialist car buying company for car valuation assures minimum hassle on the part of the seller.

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More Reliable than Dealers and Classified Websites

Car dealerships and online classifieds are popular methods for selling a car in the UAE, however, both platforms come with their own set of challenges. Dealers are known to have superior negotiating skills due to their vast experience. They are famous for negotiating lower market prices for the vehicles they plan on purchasing. As a result, the seller may incur a financial loss if they sell to a dealer.

On the other hand, selling a car through online classifieds is also not a good idea. There is a huge risk of car scams as many fraudsters are looking to exploit vulnerable car owners on classified websites. Sellers may be required to give their personal details to car owners and deal with suspicious strangers online. Not only does this pose a security and privacy risk, but it also doesn’t guarantee a purchase offer at the end. In addition to that, classified websites don’t have any method of verifying the identity of the users on the platform. Moreover, the payment gateway is not authenticated, which makes it a highly unsafe and risky car selling platform.

Specialist car buying platforms, on the other hand, offer a thorough and professional car valuation process that determines a fair and realistic price of the vehicle. Most specialist car buying companies offer a guaranteed purchase of the vehicle after its inspection by their car experts. Moreover, the identity and privacy of the car owner is also safe as the whole car selling process is handled by a specialist team.

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Handle Post-sale Paperwork

Many specialist car buying companies also simplify the car selling process by handling all the post-sale paperwork. This puts the seller’s mind at ease and makes the whole process hassle-free as they don’t have to deal with difficult and tedious paperwork. In this way, the whole car selling experience becomes smooth and pleasant for all parties involved.

Offer a Guaranteed Purchase of Any Car Inspected by Them

Most specialist car buying companies offer a guaranteed purchase of every vehicle that has been inspected by their experts. They commit to buying any vehicle regardless of its age, make, model and condition. In fact, car sellers may even be able to sell their broken, old, accident-damaged, and totaled cars to professional car buying companies.

Selling the vehicle privately or at a dealership may result in not being able to sell it at the best price. Moreover, dealers usually only prefer to buy cars of specific brands. They also don’t prefer to buy cars that are damaged or too old. However, choosing a specialist car buying company offers a guaranteed purchase of your vehicle regardless of its brand or condition.

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Ensure a Safe and Secure Payment Process

Sellers should carefully consider the mode of payment when selling a car in the UAE. There have been many instances in the UAE where fraudulent buyers have given post-dated and bogus cheques to car sellers. Car sellers without any relevant car selling experience may become victims of such scams if fraudsters are able convince them on a cheque as the only acceptable mode of payment.

Many specialist car buying companies avert such risks by securing the payment process through electronic bank transfer. This reduces the risk of financial loss to the seller by eliminating the possibility of fraud.

How is the Leading Specialist Car Buying Company in the UAE?

Specialist car buying companies offer the ideal solution to the challenges associated with selling a used car privately. is the largest car buying companyv in the UAE that offers the safest and fastest way of selling a used car. The company gives sellers an amazing opportunity to sell their cars at a fair price without any hassle.

The comprehensive car selling process starts with the online car valuation tool of the company that provides a preliminary value for the vehicle’s resale price. After the online valuation, car sellers have to book an appointment for physical inspection of the vehicle by its trained car experts.

Sellers are offered a final price for their used car after an on-site inspection, which reflects the true market value of the car in the UAE. If the seller agrees to the final price, they can sell their used car in just 30 minutes to The company handles the post-sale paperwork and the payment for the value of the vehicle is made through an electronic bank transfer. This is how car sellers can avoid fraudulent deals and sell their vehicles in a safe, reliable and convenient manner. Moreover, all services offered by are non-binding and sellers may walk out at any time without paying any fees for the services offered by the company.

If you are looking to sell your used car to buy a new one with advanced safety features and improved performance, then don’t forget that with us, you can sell any used car in just 30 minutes while all the post-sale paperwork is handled by’s team.

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