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Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Vehicle in the UAE

Electric cars are slowly but steadily gaining ground against the traditional petrol and diesel vehicles in the automotive industry of the UAE. With the recent launch of Tesla Electric vehicles (EVs) and many new initiatives taken by the Government and traffic authorities to promote EV ownership, the demand for electric cars in the UAE is increasing day by day.

Encouraged by an overwhelming response that Tesla has attained over the launch of its electric vehicles in the UAE, many other famous car manufacturers are also planning to introduce their most high-end electric vehicles in the UAE. A consistent shift from traditional diesel and petrol cars to the electric cars is of immense environmental importance in a country like the UAE where the resident to car ratio is 2:1, which is also the highest resident to car ratio in the world.

Building awareness among the residents about the usefulness of electric cars in the UAE is important, and if you are someone who is looking to buy an electric car but are still not completely sure whether to buy it or not, here are 5 important reasons that might urge you to buy an EV in the UAE.

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EVs Don’t Emit Harmful Gases in the Environment

According to International Energy Agency, 40% of the total electricity in the world is generated from coal, which clearly means that we cannot call all-electric vehicles completely emission-free as the energy used to manufacture them i.e. electricity was generated through combustion of coal that pollutes the environment. There are exceptions to this as some manufactures use solar energy to run their manufacturing plants. But once the EVs are manufactured, unlike traditional diesel and petrol vehicles, these vehicles are eco-friendly as they don’t emit harmful gases such as CO2 and NOx into the environment.

Electric vehicles can help avoid many dangerous health issues associated with the exposure to these harmful gases emitted by petrol and diesel vehicles. Once the adaptation rate of EVs increase in the UAE, the residents will have an overall improvement in the environment that they live in.  The conservation of the natural environment is a subject with its understanding still in its infancy amongst the residents of the UAE, but the Government fully understands its importance and has taken initiatives to promote the transition from traditional fossil fuel to electric fuel.

Free Parking and Other Benefits for Owners of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

The UAE Government in 2016 announced different benefits like free parking for eco-friendly vehicles such as hybrids and EVs. It means anyone who owns an EV can avoid hefty parking fees in the UAE. Other than that, there are many free charging stations in the UAE where you can charge your car without paying any fee. In this way, UAE Government is trying to encourage people to buy EVs which are an eco-friendly alternative to the combustion engine vehicles.

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Electric Vehicles deliver Refined Performance

As electric vehicles use an electric power source, the body and design of these vehicles are optimised differently to a conventional vehicle in order to ensure a superior and enhanced performance.

Listed below are some of the performance elements which distinguish EVs from conventional petrol and diesel vehicles:

  1. Electric vehicles don’t produce much noise and are actually very quiet in comparison to the petrol and diesel vehicles. This is because the electric motors are basically brushless DC motors which are designed in a way to reduce the noise coming out of the motors when these vehicles are driven. This is an important aspect that not only improves the driving experience of the EVs but also helps to reduce the noise pollution.
  2. While sitting in an electric vehicle, the occupants of the car experience reduced powertrain vibrations. This is because an electric motor has no multi-step combustion phases, while in a conventional combustion engine, there are four strokes to convert fuel into driving energy. With multiple cylinders firing, each cylinder generates energy and causes vibrations. On the other hand, EVs have electric motors which do not create a vibration of the same magnitude.
  3. EVs have a more aerodynamic body with tyres supporting lower-rolling resistance in order to ensure a high driving range for these vehicles.

As most of the electric vehicles from different car manufacturers lie in the category of luxury cars, they deliver the best design attributes and cabin comfort.

An EV Cuts down your Fuel Expenses to a Bare Minimum

It is a fact that electricity is cheaper than petrol and diesel, and this is why you can easily control your monthly fuel budget with an electric vehicle. The UAE Government is trying to maximise the number of charging stations available for EVs nationwide as the demand for EVs has started to grow. Usually, an electric vehicle covers 100 miles per charge on an average which is a much cost-effective option than the mileage offered by a petrol or diesel vehicle. Moreover, the fuel prices, not only in the UAE but all over the world remain more volatile than the electricity prices, which adds to the cost-efficiency of electric vehicles. The maintenance cost of electric vehicles is also low as they don’t require a regular oil change and other such maintenance services that are required in the case of vehicles with petrol or diesel engine.

Free Charging for Electric Vehicles in Dubai

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, which is the regulatory body of the Dubai Silicon Oasis, recently announced free charging for electric cars on its premises in order to encourage the people in the UAE to buy electric cars. It is initiatives like these taken by the UAE Government that help in reducing the running cost of an EV to a bare minimum.

Free Charging for Electric Vehicles in Dubai

Best Electric Cars are already finding their way to the UAE

There are a number of electric cars available in the UAE car market which can deliver the desired performance with a modern appeal. All big car brands are now more focused towards manufacturing electric vehicles and this has increased the variety of options for car buyers available in the car market.

Listed below are the top electric vehicles that you can buy in the UAE:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model X
  • BMW i3
  • VW e-Golf
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • Kia Soul EV

Tesla Model X

These are the EVs from some of the most popular car brands in the UAE. The recent launch of Tesla vehicles in the UAE bears great significance in evolving the understanding and acceptance for electric cars in the country as Tesla is a renowned car brand for electric cars worldwide. Tesla has also announced the installation of electric cars charging stations all over the UAE which is certainly a great step towards growing the electric cars industry in the UAE.


The electric vehicles are becoming more common now and can be seen more in numbers on the roads not only in the UAE but also in other parts of the world. The demand for electric cars has risen drastically because these cars deliver an excellent economy, better technological features, preserve the environment with their low emissions and lower the overall need for fossil fuel. The fuel prices in the UAE have increased during most part of the last year in the UAE and this has remained same in many countries because of an agreement signed between the OPEC and Non-OPEC members. According to this agreement, the oil production will be reduced in order to stabilise the oil prices globally.

In this situation, where oil prices are expected to remain volatile at least in the near future, electric vehicles offer an excellent alternative to traditional vehicles in order to keep monthly commute cost in check. With all the reward programs offered to the owners of EVs in the UAE, the importance of buying these vehicles further increases and this is why electric vehicles should ideally be amongst the priority list of anyone looking to buy a new car in the UAE.

If you are planning for a quick shift from your traditional vehicle to an environment and budget-friendly electric vehicle, then don’t forget that you can sell your used car in just 30 minutes to while all the post-sale paperwork is handled by’s team.

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