Car News Porsche already have hybrid cars but now company plans to introduce ecofriendly electric engine cars in Porsche 911 series

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Next Generation Porsche 911 Hybrid Is Just Round The Corner

The German brand Porsche has its plans set to launch the Next Generation Hybrid Version of Porsche 911 in near future. The best thing about the hybrid cars is that they are Eco-friendly. A lot of energy can be conserved with the help of such vehicles on the road. The importance of this very phenomenon is aptly recognized by Porsche and from the conventional combustion engine and two earlier plugin hybrids; the company is now staged well for its first complete hybrid vehicle.

Porsche 911 Combustion Engine Variant has been a Success

It’s not that we are calling Porsche 911, the real dynamite but it’s the stats in recent times which prove the excitement it has created among the masses. According to the CEO of the luxurious German car brand, Oliver Blume, a considerable increase has been observed in the sales of the company’s cars since the launch of the combustion engine laced version of 911 Porsche. Over 32000 “Porsche 911” constructs have been delivered to the Customers so far and the number continues to grow.

What enticed the idea of a Hybrid Porsche 911

Despite the fact that the combustion engine variant of the car is doing so well, Porsche seems not satisfied enough. No, that’s not the reason behind the planning of the Porsche 911 hybrid. It is actually the conservation of natural environment that has pushed the car company to think about a more environment-friendly engine solution. With all mega car brands now going for their hybrid cars, Porsche has no plans to stay behind. With a decent reputation already developed by the ‘Combustion Engine’, the hybrid variant is expected to enjoy even more success.

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Will Porsche 911 Hybrid be the Company’s first of its Kind?

To some extent that’s true. There are two other Porsche cars Cayenne and Panamera already with the plug-in hybrid engine capacities. But these 4.0 Liter V6 Engine vehicles have the electric motor paired to the combustion engine only. There is another Porsche car 918 Spyder that is plug-in hybrid in nature.  All of the existing Porsche Cars with Hybrid Features are not the accomplished Hybrids. Porsche 911 will assumingly be the vehicle to set the standards apart for Porsche as a company producing hybrid vehicles.  Porsche 911 will have a properly designed and dedicated electric engine making it the best hybrid so far launched by the mega brand.

Porsche’s Panamera is also a hybrid car but now company plans to introduce ecofriendly car in Porsche 911 series

Expected Launch Date

No dates are provided by the company as yet. The expected year for the launch of Hybrid 911 Porsche is 2018. The car has been constructed and is going through the evaluation phases and the engineers at Porsche are making the best effort to make it a modern wonder in the era of Hybrid cars.

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