Car Makes and Models All You Need to Know about Adaptive Cruise Control System in Cars

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Adaptive Cruise Control System for Cars – Everything You Need to Know about

Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the essential safety features in modern day cars. The cars these days are safer than ever before thanks to the recent advancement made in car safety technologies. People not only in the UAE but all over the world want cars which not only feed comfort and luxury but also keep great care of safety of a car’s occupants. Car manufacturers have also realized the importance of the safety features in cars and this is why they are now providing at least basic safety features in their affordable cars and advanced features in the ones which belong to expensive category. Adaptive Cruise Control System is a highly essential car safety feature and plays a strong part in keeping your drive safe.

What is Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is an important safety feature present in most of the cars manufactured in recent times. It has become the ultimate demand of car buyers when they look to buy new cars because of an automatic function that it performs. ACC system basically controls the speeds of a car automatically to avoid a sudden crash with the car ahead. The driver of the car sets the maximum speeds and the desired distance and then the ACC system takes over. It is a very intelligent system that works with the help of a small radar unit equipped either at the back of front grill or beneath the car’s bumper. In some cars with ACC system, the radar makes use of laser technology while in others it employs an optical system that is based on stereoscopic cameras.

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How Adaptive Cruise Control Makes Your Drive Safe

Adaptive Cruise Control makes your drive safe as it automatically looks for a car in front of you and maintains an appropriate distance. It basically keeps your car 2 to 3 seconds behind the car in front and avoids any chance of a collision between the two cars. The radar is basically capable of adjusting distance, direction and relative speeds in reference to the car ahead. When a road is devoid of heavy traffic, the Cruise Control drives the car at already set speed.  With more work done on this highly useful car safety technology, the Adaptive Cruise Control system now comes with a pre-collision system that not only alerts the driver of a possible crash but also begins braking automatically. In a country like UAE where traffic congestions are quite common, the adaptive control cruise system feeds best comfort and stops the occurrence of a possible road incident.

How Adaptive Cruise Control Makes Your Drive Safe

Other Names for Adaptive Control Cruise System

There are many different names used for the adaptive cruise control system. It is alternatively named as active cruise control, autonomous cruise control, intelligent cruise control and radar cruise control in different parts of the world. Whatever name you give to this amazing safety technology, its function remains same which is to control the speeds of your car to avoid collision with a car ahead. The Adaptive Control System is also coming with Forward Collision Control System in some cars recently and their merger is expected to become a standard soon for most of the upcoming cars.

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Price of the ACC Technology

ACC system is essential to safety of drivers and passengers of a car. It saves a car from any sudden collision with the car in front which is important especially while driving in rush hours. The price of Adaptive Cruise Control system lies between $2,000 and $2,500. There is also a cheaper version of this technology available but that only controls the speeds till 20mph – 25mph.

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