Car Makes and Models Meaning and History Behind 5 Fascinating Car Logos

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Meaning and History Behind 5 Fascinating Car Logos

Have you ever wondered how the famous car makers form their car logos? Do you think that these logos are a result of a half hour brainstorm by the owners? It basically involves and symbolizes much more than that.  The historical aspect of the company and the core ideology plays a crucial role in drafting all car logos. For automotive companies, each logo is a representation of the type of cars they make, their vision as a brand as well as the experience that they provide to their users.

Here, we will be highlighting the meaning and history behind some of the most interesting car logos and names.

Alfa Romeo Car Logo – Red Cross and the Giant Snake

The car emblem for Alfa Romeo is one of the most ancient and the most interesting one among all the car logos in the world.

The emblem, or what appears to be a coat of arms, is divided into two parts. One side showcases a red cross on a white background, while on the other side there is supposedly a dragon/snake eating a man. The Red Cross is a symbol for Italian soldiers from Milan during the time of Crusades. But there has been some controversy as to the snake part of the emblem.

People speculated that it’s basically a giant snake with a crown eating up a man figure. While others argued that it is a man reemerging from inside the snake. But in reality, as recently clarified by the car brand themselves, there is an ancient legend tied to the emblem.

The right half of the crest containing the snake was basically, known as “Biscione,” an emblem of the House of Visconti, who controlled the city of Milan from the 13th to the 15th century.

Therefore, this car symbol allows Alpha Romeo as a brand to be synonymous with masculinity, bravery and class.

Alfa Romeo Car Logo – Red Cross and the Giant Snake

Porsche – Stuttgart Coat of Arms

Porsche also kept the tradition of keeping a coat of arms, as a car logo, alive. But this has not been as intricate as the logo for Alfa Romeo.

The coat of arms used for Porsche logo belonged to the Free People’s State of Württemberg, of former Weimar Germany, which had Stuttgart as its capital. The emblem bears the name of the Stuttgart city. The horse in the center symbolizes power and the origin of the city note. The founder of the company, Ferdinand Porsche also belonged to the same city and wanted to showcase the powerful identity and long history of the place onto its creation.

Porsche – Stuttgart Coat of Arms

Subaru – Six Stars

Subaru is a Japanese car maker’s brand which is known for producing renowned boxer engines in small sized cars during the 1990s.

The logo of this car brand showcases stars in an oval structure. Subaru in Japanese means United. It is also the name of the Pleiades star cluster. This cluster is commonly known as the Seven Sisters which is the nearest star cluster to Earth and can be seen from the naked eye.

The stars also represents the six companies that merged to create Fuji Heavy Industries.

Subaru – Six Stars

Ferrari – Prancing Stallion

The famous sports car logo proudly showcases a black horse prancing in front a yellow background inside a crest shaped emblem.

According to the owner of the brand, Enzo Ferrari, the horse symbol was originally painted on the fighter plane of Francesco Baracca – a heroic airman of the First World War, who was from Italy.

Enzo Ferrari once met the parents of this war hero, who were Count and Countess. The mother advised Ferrari to put her sons prancing horse on his cars, as it will bring him good luck. Thus, Ferrari added the same horse figure with a yellow background, which was the color of his birth place, Modena.

 Ferrari – Prancing Stallion

Toyota – The Three Hearts

When we talk about the logo of the Famous car brand Toyota, it depicts an identity composed of three hearts merged together to give it a very intriguing look. The three hearts represent the heart of customer, the heart of Toyota’s product and the heart of progress, Toyota has achieved in automotive technologies.

Toyota – The Three Hearts

The Significance of Car logos

Every car logo embodies an ideology, history and significance of the car brand. Most of the well-recognized car makers try to find and design a logo that rightly showcases the essence of the brand that is reflected in the cars that they make. This can also be a reflection of different companies that have focused their expertise in order to produce something extraordinary.

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