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Driving Safety: Quick ways for knowing When to Replace Car Tyres

When it comes to driving cars, the best body for executing speed after engines is tyres. The tyres of a car carry as much importance as any other part of the car. The importance of looking after the tyres even increases more when driving on uneven roads or rainy season. Therefore, taking care of tyres is not just a necessity but is also mandatory. In order to have a fair idea of the condition as to when to change tyres; we need to take a closer look at tyres working capacity and its construct as well. In a positive situation, an efficient tyre would work without mismanaged car control, with appropriate braking tendency and will deliver quality traveling experience.

Tyres and their necessary Components

Usually, the resilience levels of tyres depend upon the quality of their comprising materials i.e. polyester, steel and rubber. Ten thousand miles is the minimum threshold of tyres to travel, in an ideal situation. After that, there are chances of tyres showing wear and tear. The tread of the tyres has significant importance in improving or degrading the qualitative value of the tyres. The reliability of tyres is also somewhat linked to the effective nature of its tread. The tyre’s tread is tested at its best when traction during the wet weather is a concern. The tyres tread should be designed in a way to channel the water out of it as that enhances the longevity of tyres.

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We shall here indications and reasons for possible wear and tear faced by the tyres.

Signs of Worn out tyres through Tread Structural Damages

Penny Test: A very common way to check tyre tread is through a penny test or Dirham coin test. Just place a penny / Dirham coin between the tread and tyre ribs. The ‘rib’ is a raised portion of the tyre tread. Now once you have inserted the penny down into the tread and if you can see the entire ‘Arab Teapot’ or the image printed on the front side of coin then it maybe the time to replace the tyre, because tyre tread is no longer deep enough and it is unsafe now.

If the top of the image disappears then it means your tread is still fine, as the arrow suggests in the picture.

test your tyre tread with a penny

placed a penny between tyre tread to test

One of the most prominent indications is the fading of the tyres tread and its overall design. This condition very much tells about the situation where the tyre has actually reduced from the required one-sixteenth of inch width and requires replacement. The instrument available in the market for measuring the tyre’s tread depth is called “tread depth gauge”.

However, the tread checking isn’t meant to be checked from just one place. But instead, it’s meant to be checked from other places too. The inspection for any sort of bald patches also reveals its damaged surface of outer trims and centric points at times.

faded tyre tread should be replaced

Indications of Worn out tyres- While driving

Here are some basic sign that your car’s tyres are worn out.

  1. Excessive Vibration – At times, during the course of driving; there is excessive vibration felt in the car.
  2. Lack of Uniformity – If one tyre is either over or under inflated than other tyre(s), then the car will have a tendency to skid either left or right when emergency brakes are applied.
  3. Non-responsive – When tyres are underinflated, cars tend to lose their steering ability. This drop in steering ability depends on how much the tyres are underinflated. For example, imagine driving a car with both front tyres punctured, you will hardly be able to control the car. So when a car’s tyres are underinflated then with every drop in tyre pressure, you will lose a bit of steering control.
  4. Wheel Alignment – Wheel Alignment is very important and bad alignment of the wheels can easily lead to premature wear and tear of the tyres. The damage in your tyres is an indication that your tyres are not properly aligned.

Measures to be adopted for the Protection of Tyres

These are some basic tips which would help you to protect tyres from getting worn out early. These measures will increase life of car tyres a bit more while improving the tyres performance.

  1. The process of rotation of car tyres after covering 7, 000 miles (11, 256km) actually helps. But getting this job done by yourself or by some professional will actually manage its tyre wearing out capacity in proportion.
  2. Though in rush hours one is accustomed of driving rough, but a habit of watching out from road trash and potholes can actually cure premature wearing out of tyres. Another positive outcome of being this cautious is to be prevented from out of balanced car drives in the future.
  3. On the other hand, the severe damage suffered by a car must be inspected by a tyres expert.
  4. The tyre punctures must also be taken seriously and good professional help should be acquired abruptly. Puncture on the tread can be fixed but hits at its side walls will lead to the complete replacement of a tyre.

You need to have all these measures in mind so that you can find a way in case of mild or serious tyres injury.

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