Beginner’s Guide: How to Sell a Used Sedan in the UAE?


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Sedans are the most popular vehicle choice for family car buyers, thanks to their advanced safety features, impressive convenience features and remarkable versatility. Modern-day sedans come equipped with a lot of safety features, spacious interior space and great fuel economy. In addition to that, sedans score well in terms of seating, cargo space, reliability, and safety. These vehicles are available in a variety of options, making them one of the most sought-after automobile segments in the UAE car market.

From Honda to Nissan, many car manufacturers launch sedans that deliver efficient performance and are fitted with the latest technologies and advanced safety features. Since latest models of sedans are launched in the UAE every year, it provides an excellent opportunity for car owners to sell their used sedans and upgrade to newer models. However, when you are upgrading your vehicle and selling your old sedan, it is essential to consider some important factors. These factors can impact the resale value of a used sedan and help car sellers get a fair resale price.

Given below are some important factors that should be considered while selling a used sedan in the UAE, along with a discussion on the best way to sell a used sedan.

Condition of the Vehicle

Car owners who want to sell their used sedan in the UAE should evaluate its overall condition to determine any repair and maintenance requirements. A vehicle that is well-maintained is likely to attract the attention of serious buyers, making it easier to sell the car at a good price. On the other hand, if the vehicle’s physical and mechanical maintenance has been neglected over the years, it will negatively affect its resale value. Vehicles with torn leather seats, faulty electronic equipment, scratches, dents or other such issues will have a significantly lower resale value than vehicles that have been well maintained over the years.

Car sellers are advised to get their vehicles thoroughly inspected by a trained automotive expert so that any minor and major problems can be identified timely. These may include damaged lights, cracked windshields, mismatched tyres, transmission issues, to name a few. Car owners should consider investing in repairs that are not too costly and improve the overall appeal of the vehicle. Investing in such repairs will not only enhance the performance and condition of the used sedan but will also boost its resale value.

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Mileage is one of the most important factors that affects a used vehicle’s price. As the mileage of a used vehicle increases, its resale price decreases. For instance, a potential buyer would be more interested in purchasing a car that has been driven 2000 miles as compared to one that has been driven 30,000 miles. A general principle for selling a used sedan at the best resale value is to sell it within the first few years of its purchase.

Aftermarket Modifications

Car owners may get physical or mechanical modifications done to improve the performance and the outlook of the vehicle. However, aftermarket modifications rarely add any meaningful value to the vehicle and can potentially decrease its resale price. Car buyers may not be interested in buying a used car that has been modified since they might be unsure about the effect of the modifications on the performance of the vehicle. This is one of the reasons why modified vehicles have a lower resale price in the UAE market.

Another modification that may affect the resale value of a used sedan is the exterior color of the vehicle. Ideally, the exterior of the car should be in common colours like blue, grey, metallic greys, white and black, as they tend to sell more quickly than unusual colours like brown, orange, or purple.

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Model or Type of Sedan

Sedans are available in different segments that range from mid-size family cars to luxury sedans. Sedan segments are based on different criteria which include design, size, performance, safety, and technology features. While mid-size sedans are primarily focused on reliability, fuel economy and mid-level safety, other segments such as executive sedans are equipped with latest technologies, convenience features and spacious cabins. In addition to this, newer models are more in-demand as they boast better in-cabin amenities, enhanced safety, and state-of-the-art technologies.

Some prominent sedans that attract the attention of car buyers in the used car market are given below:

  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda City
  • Honda Civic
  • Nissan Maxima
  • Nissan Altima
  • Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Ford Fusion
  • Volkswagen Passat

Even if your used sedan is not one of the above-mentioned models, you do not need to worry as you can still get a fair price for it by selling it to a specialist car buying company in the UAE. These companies offer a fair resale price for every used vehicle they inspect and make the process of selling a used car quick, hassle-free and convenient.

The Best Way to Sell a Used Sedan in the UAE

Specialist car buying companies provide car sellers an opportunity to sell their used vehicles in a hassle-free, quick, and reliable manner. Car sellers are offered a fair and realistic market value of the vehicle, along with a safe payment channel and no risk of financial loss. is the leading car buying company in the UAE that provides car sellers a simple and convenient car selling experience. Car sellers can check the estimated, preliminary value of their used vehicles using the online car valuation tool that is available on the company’s website. The tool requires basic information about the vehicle and provides an estimate within minutes.

After getting an estimate, car sellers can book an appointment for the physical inspection of the vehicle at one of nationwide branches of At the end of the inspection, a final offer is made to the seller and if the offer is accepted, the car is purchased immediately by The payment for the vehicle is made through an electronic bank transfer and the company manages the entire post-sale paperwork. Car sellers can sell their used sedans conveniently at a fair price in a quick and safe process by choosing

If you are looking to sell your used car to buy a new one with advanced safety features and improved performance, then don’t forget that with us, you can sell any used car in just 30 minutes while all the post-sale paperwork is handled by’s team.

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