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6 Most Important Things to Do Before Selling your Car

Selling a used car in the vast UAE market can be a challenging task for car sellers. With a large variety of used cars available for purchase, it can be difficult for sellers to make their cars stand out from the crowd. Moreover, finding a serious buyer and the risk of fraudulent deals can make the process extremely tough. Nevertheless, the car selling process can be made more effective if the sellers follow important practices that can help sell their used vehicles in a quick and efficient manner.

These important practices include doing thorough research of the car market trends, getting your car professionally evaluated, comprehensive vehicle maintenance and good negotiation skills. Lastly, it is important to choose the right platform for selling a car in the UAE which ensures that the car is sold reliably and safely.

The above-mentioned practices must never be ignored when you decide to sell your car. Let’s have a detailed look at 6 important things that a seller needs to do to prepare their car for selling.

Detailed Cleaning of the Vehicle

Getting a vehicle thoroughly cleaned can boost its resale value up to 10%. If you want to get a fair price for your vehicle, it is important to get your vehicle detailed. The detailed cleaning process involves washing, vacuuming, and waxing the vehicle to enhance its overall appeal. A vehicle that looks well-maintained and clean is more likely to be seen as high quality and valuable in the eyes of the buyer.

Use a microfiber duster to clean the interior surfaces such as the instrument cluster, dashboard, centre console and door panels. Also, make sure to extensively clean the rear deck, seats, interior panels, and windows.

It’s also important to make sure that your car has a pleasant smell. Remove the cabin filter and circulate the deodorant with the fan at high speed. This will ensure that your car has a long-lasting fresh scent.

The next step is to refresh the upholstery. Spray a foaming upholstery cleaner and spray directly to synthetic and cloth headliners, door panels and other porous surfaces. Repair any carpet holes, wash the rubber mats and replace them, if necessary.

After interior detailing, exterior auto detailing is also important. It starts with cleaning the outside windows, headlights, taillights, door panels and side mirrors with a glass cleaner. Clean the tires and the wheels with a tire cleaner and clean the inside of the engine bay as well.

After extensive interior and exterior detailing, you can also get your car waxed to give it an irresistible shine. You can also avail services of a reputable car detailing garage to get your car professionally cleaned.

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Invest in Minor Repairs to Improve the Resale Value

Fixing minor repairs on the car such as small scratches and dents can also increase the resale value of your used vehicle. Many sellers may consider these repairs to be unnecessary, however, such repairs can significantly enhance the market value of the car. Sellers should understand the psychological behaviours that enable car buyers to select a particular car. Buyers are interested in getting vehicles that look clean and attractive regardless of their age.

It is also beneficial to take the advice of an expert mechanic who can help you decide if you need to go for an extensive paint job or other fixes.

Compile the Paperwork

Keeping all the documents ready is also of prime importance when selling a used vehicle. Sellers must compile all the important documents if they want to prepare their vehicle for selling in a hassle-free manner. These documents are critical in completing the legal processes and providing the buyer with necessary details about the maintenance and service records of the vehicle.

Given below is a list of the key documents required for selling a vehicle:

  • Vehicle ownership document of the seller
  • Insurance documents
  • If the owner took out a bank loan, then bank clearance documents need to be provided. If the car loan is not paid off, then the seller needs to get a NOC/release letter from the bank
  • Emirates ID and mulkiya (vehicle registration card) along with the original passport copy also need to be provided.
  • Technical inspection certificate of the vehicle or a pass report from the Tasjeel

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Include Car-Related Manuals

It is also a good idea to include all the handbooks, manuals, brochures and service history of the vehicle and all the other car-related documents and information when preparing the car for selling. This information might help the buyer get acquainted with the car history further increasing the interest of the buyer.

Determine the Resale Value through a Professional Car Evaluation

Determining the resale value of the vehicle is one of the most crucial parts of the car selling process. Both experienced and inexperienced car sellers should determine the market value of their car through a professional platform. Knowing the actual market value of the used vehicle can be a confidence boost for the seller and it will help them negotiate expertly for the best resale price.

The seller can opt for the services of a specialist car buying company to determine the resale value of their used cars. Some specialist car buying companies can help the seller determine a fair and precise resale value of their cars that makes the car selling process a lot more stress-free.

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Choose the Right Platform to Sell Your Car

There are several platforms available to sell a used car in the UAE, namely car dealerships, online classifieds and specialist car buying companies. Car sellers should analyse all the available and choose the most reliable and safe platform.

Car dealerships are one of the most common methods of selling a car in the UAE. However, there are many struggles involved in selling a car through this method. Dealers are extremely adept in the art of negotiation and can trick the car sellers into settling for a lower resale price for their used vehicle. Consequently, selling a used vehicle through a dealership can incur a financial loss for the seller.

Similarly, selling a car through online classifieds also comes with serious risks. Car sellers are vulnerable to being approached by strangers with fraudulent intentions. Moreover, there are also privacy risks as sellers may be required to give out their personal information to suspicious buyers. Lastly, there is no authenticated mechanism that can verify the identity of buyers on classified websites. Selling a car through online websites is risky, time-consuming and doesn’t promise a guaranteed purchase.

Specialist car buying companies, on the other hand, provide an ideal solution for the challenges associated with selling a car. They are fast, convenient, and trustworthy making the process of car selling pleasant for all parties involved. With specialist car buying companies, sellers don’t have to face difficulty in finding a serious buyer as they offer guaranteed purchase of a vehicle regardless of its age, make, model and condition. is the Best Platform to Sell Any Car is a specialist car buying company that offers a highly efficient, reliable, and professional car selling process. The premium car buying company offers a no-cost, noobligation service for selling a used vehicle where sellers can walk away at any time.

The car selling process at starts with an online valuation tool that gives an introductory estimate for the market value of the vehicle. After the online valuation, a physical appointment is set up for an on-site inspection of the vehicle. A final price is offered to the seller after the detailed inspection of the vehicle. guarantees to buy every car that has been inspected by its experts. However, the seller is not obligated to sell their vehicle to the company at any point in the process. All the car valuation services offered by the company are entirely free of charge. If the seller agrees to the price, any car can be sold to in a quick, smooth, and straightforward process.

If you are looking to sell your used car to buy a new one with advanced safety features and improved performance, then don’t forget that with us, you can sell any used car in just 30 minutes while all the post-sale paperwork is handled by’s team.

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