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5 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Old Car

The performance of a car is affected by several factors, such as regular maintenance, age of the car and the equipment installed. Old cars typically require more attention when it comes to maintenance, since this is a fundamental factor in retaining the efficiency of a vehicle in the long run. In order to get the maximum benefit from a car, car owners need to take proper care of all the parts, mechanical attributes and accessories present in the vehicle. This includes the tyres, brakes, batteries, fluids and a lot more. In addition to that, driving gently plays an important role in maintaining an overall low depreciation rate for the vehicle.

Discussed below are 5 ways to improve the performance of an old car and keep it running smoothly for a long time.

Never Ignore Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and service checkups of the car help resolve minor and major issues with the vehicle’s various complex systems. Motorists should keep an eye on the tyres, brake pads, wheels and fluid levels in the car to ensure that all systems are running smoothly. Tyres should be kept properly inflated and their tread should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear. Other things to keep in mind are the condition of the brake pads, wheel alignment, oil changes and battery condition.

Battery checkup is particularly important for car owners in the UAE as the summer heat can cause battery fluids to drain faster. Car batteries running at lower than recommended levels of fluid are likely to deteriorate faster than their average life span. Therefore, it is important to keep the maintenance of the car in check for improved performance in the long run.

Choose the Right Tyres

Tyre selection has a major impact on the overall performance of a vehicle. A good set of tyres can improve the steering, acceleration, handling and braking of the car. Whenever you have to change your vehicle’s tyres, you should make this decision after considering all the important factors. To be able to choose the right tyres for your vehicle, it is important to understand the basic terminology involved, such as rim size, tread width and sidewall height. In addition to this, it is essential to follow the instructions mentioned in the car owner’s manual for selecting the right tyres.

It is of paramount importance to select tyres that match the kind of vehicle you drive. For instance, ultra-high-performance sports tyres would not be required if you drive a small family hatchback. Therefore, car owners must be careful of all the relevant factors when planning to change the tyres of their vehicle.

Get Rid of all the Junk Present in Your Car

The presence of unnecessary equipment, luggage or junk in a car can add weight to the vehicle, which puts extra strain on the engine. In short-term, this would negatively impact the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, while in the long run, it would gradually decrease the engine lifespan. Clearing out any unrequired materials from the vehicle can also create space for transporting something useful, besides keeping the interiors fresh and clean. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove any unnecessary items from your car to improve the overall performance.

Use High-Quality Engine Oil

Engine oil is perhaps the most important lubricant in a car as it plays a vital role in helping the engine perform at its best capacity. Vehicle performance is directly linked to the quality of engine oil used, which has an impact on the longevity of the engine’s life. The best engine oil for your car would be the one recommended by the manufacturer. For this, you should consult the owner’s manual and use the oil required for your old car.

In addition to this, car owners also need to consider the impact of climate on the engine oil. For instance, the thinning of motor oil is a genuine concern in the UAE due to extremely hot weather, so the right engine oil must be selected to overcome the environmental impact.

Multi-viscosity oils have helped solve this temperature issue to quite an extent by helping the oil reach the optimum level of viscosity without causing any problem. However, the advice of an expert mechanic or the guidelines mentioned in the car owner’s manual should always be considered before choosing the right engine oil for a vehicle.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is one of the main contributing factors to a fast depreciation rate in vehicles. Motorists who drive at high speeds and use the accelerator excessively cause vital parts of the car to get damaged prematurely. These include the clutch plates, gear shifter, brakes and tyres. In order to avoid excessive and unnecessary wear and tear of the vehicle’s mechanical components, it is advisable to drive gently and accelerate smoothly when required.

Even though high-speed driving occasionally is not damaging to the vehicle’s components, it should not be made into a habit. Prolonged aggressive driving can be damaging to the overall performance of the vehicle and can decrease the lifespan of its mechanical parts.

When to Upgrade to a New Vehicle?

Car maintenance involves regular checkups of all the main systems in a vehicle and upgrades for any outdated components. A vehicle’s upkeep can have a notable impact on its performance and overall life expectancy. Maintenance of a car becomes more expensive as the car ages, with a lot of its vital components becoming prone to increased wear and tear. Car owners should consider upgrading to a new vehicle when the maintenance cost for their old car exceeds its resale value. Selling an old car to upgrade to a new vehicle at the right time can help prevent a financial loss for car sellers.

How to Sell Your Old Car at a Fair Price in the UAE?

Motorists who want to sell their vehicles at a fair price in the UAE should consider availing the services of a specialist car buying company. is a professional car buying company that offers several benefits to car sellers in the UAE such as reliability, convenience, and guaranteed purchase of every used car that has been inspected by its experts.

Car owners simply have to fill a quick and easy online valuation form, followed by an in-person inspection at one of nationwide branches of This entire process takes 30 minutes only and results in a guaranteed purchase of the vehicle, regardless of its make, model, condition or age. The entire post-sale paperwork is also handled by the team to make the process of selling a used car 100% hassle-free.

If you are looking to sell your used car to buy a new one with advanced safety features and improved performance, then don’t forget that with us, you can sell any used car in just 30 minutes while all the post-sale paperwork is handled by’s team.

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