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5 Signs You Need to Change Your Car Tyres

A sudden tyre blowout can result in a dangerous road accident, however, it can be avoided by changing the tyres of a vehicle at the right time. Tyre safety should always be considered important to avoid dangerous road accidents induced by sudden blowouts. Any significant damage to car tyres can prove to have dangerous consequences, especially in bad weather or on rough terrain.

Bad weather can hit the UAE any time and it can take a toll on any vehicle that has old or poorly maintained tyres. The risk of a sudden blowout can increase in such weather, however, it can be avoided with regular inspection of tyres. Regular inspection can help in getting rid of minor problems that can damage a tyre in the long-term.

Regular inspection of car tyres can also help in understanding factors that can be useful in determining the right time to replace tyres. Car owners must always keep an eye on the condition of their tyres and look out for the factors that can help them in determining when they should change their car tyres.

Here are the five factors that can help determine the right time to change tyres of a vehicle.

Excessive Vibrations

Excessive vibrations can be felt while driving a vehicle due to weak or old tyres. The vibrations while driving can also be due to rough road surface, however, if the vibrations are felt even on smooth surfaces, it is a clear sign that the tyres of a vehicle are not in a good condition.

The vibrations in tyres can be felt due to unbalanced or misaligned tyres or it can be a result of a technical fault. It can always be a good idea to get the tyres checked by an expert mechanic on experiencing excessive vibrations while driving.

Poor Tyre Tread

Modern-day car tyres are designed to offer utmost safety in challenging driving conditions. Several new technologies and design features have been installed in the new car tyres, which can help in monitoring the condition of tyres. Tread wear indicator bars are among these features that can help evaluate the tyre tread condition. Build into the tyres, these bars become visible as the tread wears down and is one of the important factors that can help determine the right time to replace tyres. Tyres with poor tread become vulnerable to significant damage, which can lead to a sudden blowout.

Poor Tread Depth

This is another important factor that can help determine whether it is the right time to replace a car tyre. The tread depth can be easily monitored with the help of Tread depth gauge that can be purchased from the market. It can also be estimated with the help of a simple Dirham Coin Test. On inserting a coin inside the tyre tread, if you can see the entire jug, it means the tread depth has decreased below a safe level. Car owner must know that the tyre tread depth should never decrease below 1.6mm.

Cracks in Sidewalls of Tyres

Over time, cracks can develop in the sidewalls of tyres, especially if a vehicle has been driven frequently in rough road conditions. The exposure to the rough road surface and UV light can evaporate the chemicals and oils inside the tyre rubber, which can make the tyres weak and vulnerable. The cracks or blisters can be quite visible and car owners can easily spot them without the help of an expert mechanic. The tyres should be immediately changed on observing clear cracks or blisters inside the tyre tread.


This is arguably the most important factor that can help car owners determine the right time to replace their car tyres. Old tyres have already undergone excessive wear and thus they become vulnerable to sudden blowouts. The aging of car tyres depends on several factors including driving style and distance traveled by a vehicle.

It is important for car owners to keep an eye on the condition of their car tyres and the distance traveled by them. Mostly the new cars come with a four-digit code written along the sidewalls of tyres that indicates the manufacturing date of tyres. The first two digits highlight the week while the second two digits highlight the manufacturing year.

Drive Safely Motorists!

Tyres of a vehicle should always be kept well inflated as it can help in maintaining the tyres of a vehicle in their top condition over a long period. Tyre safety should never be taken for granted as poorly maintained or weak tyres can cause a sudden blowout, which can lead to a dangerous road accident. Car owners must consider all the aforementioned factors and regularly inspect the condition of tyres to determine the right time to replace them.

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