5 Mistakes that People make When Selling a Used Car in the UAE


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Selling a used car in the UAE market is a difficult process, particularly for car sellers who don’t have any previous experience in selling vehicles. If sellers don’t have a thorough understanding of the UAE car market, the process can be time-consuming, tedious, and even risky. First-time car sellers need to be aware of the mistakes they should avoid to find a serious buyer quickly.

In order to sell a car safely and conveniently, sellers need to carefully plan everything out to prevent any errors in judgement. There are many common mistakes that sellers can avoid to increase the chances of a good and rapid car selling process. From evaluating the resale value of the car through a professional car valuation platform to getting all the right paperwork ready, sellers should manage everything thoroughly to get a good resale value for their vehicle.

Given below are the 5 major mistakes that sellers make while selling a car in the UAE:

Investing Money on Costly Repairs

Spending money on repairs might boost the resale value of your car, however, it is recommended to do a thorough cost-benefit analysis of any major repair before you go ahead with it. Consider avoiding repairs that are very costly. A lot of sellers make the mistake of overspending on repairs which results in a financial loss once the vehicle is sold.

Car sellers are advised to go for repairs that have a major positive impact on the resale value of the vehicle and avoid repairs that cost more and add little value. For instance, if there are some minor damages like scratches, dents, or busted headlights, it would be a good idea to get them fixed.

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Being Dishonest about the Car’s Condition

When you sell your car, it is important to be upfront and completely honest about the condition of the vehicle. A simple car inspection can reveal all the issues that the car seller didn’t disclose to the buyer. This can result in an unpleasant situation and can also negatively impact your reputation as a car seller. Therefore, it is very important to be honest about the actual condition of the vehicle you intend to sell.

Selling a Car through Online Classifieds

Another common mistake that sellers make is selling a car through online classifieds. Although there are many benefits associated with selling a car through classifieds such as free registration, advertisement etc, the cons outweigh the benefits. For instance, selling a car through online classifieds can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Online classifieds do not offer a guaranteed purchase of the car and there is also a security risk as there is no check and balance to screen out fraudulent buyers. Therefore, people with fraudulent intentions can easily approach vulnerable car sellers. Sellers must make sure that they don’t meet with potential buyers alone at night or in isolated places.

Most importantly, online classifieds don’t offer a secure method of payment to their users. Therefore, selling and buying cars through classified websites becomes highly risky as payments are not safe owing to the absence of a properly governed payment gateway.

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Selling a Car Through a Dealership

Selling your used car through car dealerships can be tricky and may result in financial loss for the seller. In addition to that, it can be challenging for inexperienced car sellers who lack the required market knowledge and negotiation skills. Dealers sell and purchase cars daily and are well-trained in negotiating lower than market prices. This can create a risk of financial loss for the seller. Another issue with selling through car dealerships is that they often buy cars of specific brands only.

In addition to that, dealers might offer the seller an option of trading-in their vehicle. This option is not beneficial to the car seller as dealers tend to maximize their own gains by gaining the upper hand in one of the two transactions involved. The dealer either offers a better price for your used car with a lesser discount on the new car or a better discount on the new car with a lower offer for your used car. Both “deals” are the same in reality, making the car selling process a beneficial transaction for the dealer only.

Sellers should always ensure that they separate these two transactions, i.e., selling a used car and purchasing a new car. Doing so will ensure that they sell their used car at the best possible price while still being able to ask for a better discount on the purchase of their new car.

Ignoring the Documentation

Inexperienced car sellers typically end up ignoring the documentation and paperwork process before selling their used cars in the UAE. Car sellers need to ensure that they have the registration papers, insurance documents, maintenance records of the vehicle and warranty papers ready when preparing to sell their car. These documents will be required by the car buyer before any price agreement is reached.

The Best Way to Sell a Used Car in the UAE

To avoid challenges associated with selling a used vehicle in the UAE, car sellers can save their time and money by selling their cars to SellAnyCar.com. SellAnyCar.com is a well-reputed, specialist car buying company that prioritizes the convenience and comfort of the sellers above anything else. They provide a comprehensive and reliable car valuation service that is entirely non-binding and guarantees a fair and reasonable price of any car regardless of its make, model, and condition.

The car selling process at SellAnyCar.com starts with the online evaluation tool on the company’s website. The calculator evaluates the potential market price of the vehicle within minutes. After this, an appointment has to be set up for the physical inspection of the vehicle at any of the company’s branches in the UAE. Once the car has been thoroughly inspected, a final price is offered to the seller. If the seller agrees to sell the vehicle at this price, a transaction takes place immediately while the payment for the vehicle is done through electronic bank transfer.

If you are looking to sell your used car to buy a new one with advanced safety features and improved performance, then don’t forget that with us, you can sell any used car in just 30 minutes while all the post-sale paperwork is handled by SellAnyCar.com’s team.

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