Car Tips and Tricks 5 Major Tips on How to Successfully Sell Your Car Online

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5 Important Tips on How to Successfully Sell Your Car Online

It can be an exceedingly challenging process to sell a car in the UAE, especially for car sellers who don’t have a good understanding about the vast UAE car market. There are several factors that need to be considered by sellers when they sell a used car in the UAE. These include determining the resale value of the vehicle, the risk of financial loss, managing the paperwork and finding the right platform to sell your car. In addition to this, sellers may face difficulties in finding a serious buyer and might be approached by potential fraudsters during the car selling process. These struggles can be avoided if decisions are taken after a thorough analysis of all aspects required in the car selling process.

A successful car selling process requires following certain practices that help sell used vehicles effectively. Motorists who follow these strategies are able to get the best value for their used car in a hassle-free process. Learning about these practices can help both experienced and inexperienced sellers avoid the challenges associated with selling a used car in the UAE.

Let’s have a look at some helpful tips that can make the car selling process smooth and hassle-free for sellers.

Determine the Value of Your Car Through a Professional Car Valuation Service

Every car seller aims to get the best market price for their used car so that they don’t incur a financial loss. There are many ways to determine the resale price of a used car, like dealerships and online listings. A professional car dealer can evaluate your car price; however, they might ask for an evaluation fee and the evaluation might not be completely accurate.

Moreover, it is common in the used car market for car dealers to be associated with select car brands. So, if your car doesn’t fall in the dealers’ preferred category, they might refuse to evaluate the car altogether. Moreover, dealers are skilled in negotiation skills, and they are known for offering lower than market resale value of the car.

Another way to determine the resale value of a car is through online listings. However, this method is not accurate and can only give a rough estimate. With so many similar car listings, it is difficult to determine a specific point of comparison.

On the other hand, specialist car buying companies can be a reliable source for professional evaluation of a used vehicle. These companies make it easier for car sellers to sell their vehicles after a comprehensive evaluation process. With the help of their advanced online valuation systems, the value of a vehicle can be determined in just a few seconds. This practice is helpful in preventing buyers from overvaluing or undervaluing a vehicle, which can make it difficult to find a suitable car buyer or may result in a financial loss.

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Choose the Right Platform to Sell Your Car

Finding the right platform to sell your car conveniently and reliably can be a difficult task for inexperienced car sellers in the UAE. Therefore, it is important for motorists to research in detail and select the right platform for car selling.

Private selling can be quite tough as it involves the risk of car selling frauds and scams. Inexperienced sellers should be careful as they may become an easy target for people with fraudulent intentions. Due to the lack of experience, first-time car sellers may find it difficult to differentiate between genuine buyers and fraudsters.

Car dealerships are also a popular way to sell cars in the UAE. However, there is a serious risk of financial loss when selling through this platform. Car dealers are highly trained professionals who can convince car owners to sell their vehicles at a lower than market price. This risk becomes even bigger for inexperienced sellers since they might not have strong negotiation skills. Car dealerships may easily trick them into selling their cars at a low resale value. This would not be a concern if car sellers choose to sell their cars through a professional car buying platform, which would give them a fair price for their vehicle.

On the other hand, classified websites are also not considered safe as there is no authenticated mechanism that can verify the identity of the users. There is a huge risk of privacy as fraudsters can approach vulnerable sellers and take advantage of them. Moreover, classified websites do not offer guaranteed purchase of the used vehicle. As a result of this, selling a used car through classifieds becomes an extremely unreliable and risky process.

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Prepare the Used Vehicle for Selling

When it comes to securing a good deal for your car, preparing your vehicle beforehand is of utmost importance. The way your car looks can heavily influence the buyer’s decision to purchase the car and the price offered for the used car. So, make sure to inspect your car thoroughly to determine the cleaning and detailing requirements.

The interior and exterior quality also has a major impact on the resale value of the car. In fact, the resale value of a used car can increase by 10% if it looks like the vehicle has been well-maintained. The first step is to wash the exterior of your car including parts that are not visible to the naked eye. After washing, car owners should dry the car with soft, microfiber towels to get the dirt and any bird-droppings off the exterior. In addition to this, the interior of the car can be taken care of by buying new covers and mats for seats and floors. If your car has leather seats, clean them with a good quality leather car cleaner.

Any damage to the exterior can also negatively impact the resale value of the used car. So, buyers are advised to fix non-costly repairs such as minor dents, scratches, and ripped paint as that can make a major difference to the market value of the vehicle.

Lastly, car owners who want to get the best resale price of their used car can also schedule for professional detailing.

Keep All the Important Documents of Your Vehicle Ready

One of the most important aspects of selling a used vehicle in the UAE is documentation. Without a complete set of documents, it can become quite challenging to sell a vehicle in the UAE. To secure a successful car deal, sellers should keep all the key documents ready beforehand. These documents are required to inform the buyer of the service and maintenance history of the vehicle and to complete the legal processes.

Given below is a list of the major documents that are required for selling a used car in the UAE:

  • Car insurance documents
  • Inspection certificate of the vehicle
  • Vehicle ownership certificate of the seller
  • Vehicle’s registration card

Avoid Accepting Unreliable Payment Options

Sellers should ensure the safety of the payment process when selling a used car in the UAE. There have been many incidents where sellers have been tricked by fraudsters due to unsafe and risky payment procedures. One of the most common ways that scammers trick vulnerable car sellers is through dud checks. What happens is that these fraudsters trick car sellers into a speedy transaction by offering a higher resale price for the vehicle or by showing an urgent interest in purchasing the vehicle. In such a scenario, the best option for sellers is to opt for a cash payment in a safe place or get the money directly transferred into their bank account. Sellers must not move ahead with transferring the vehicle’s title until all funds have been cleared in their account.

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Sell Your Car Through a Specialist Car Buying Company

To deal with the challenges associated with selling a car in the UAE, sellers can opt for a reliable and professional car buying company to sell their car. is a premium car buying company in the UAE that provides car sellers with a safe and quick car buying service to make selling a used car completely hassle-free.

The comprehensive car selling procedure at begins with the evaluation of the vehicle through the online car valuation tool available on the website. The tool calculates the potential resale value of the vehicle in minutes. After online valuation, car sellers need to book an appointment for physical inspection of the vehicle at one of’s nearby branches.

A team of experts evaluates the vehicle and offers a final price to the seller. promises a guaranteed purchase of the vehicle that has been evaluated by its experts. If the seller agrees to sell the vehicle, the car is immediately purchased by the company. The company handles the post-sale paperwork and the payment against the vehicle is made through electronic bank transfer. This is how car sellers can avoid fraudulent deals and sell their vehicles in the UAE safely and quickly.

If you are looking to sell your used car to buy a new one with advanced safety features and improved performance, then don’t forget that with us, you can sell any used car in just 30 minutes while all the post-sale paperwork is handled by’s team.

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