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5 Advanced Vehicle Safety Technologies

The newly introduced safety technologies have made driving more secured than before. With increased numbers for traffic accidents all around the world, the importance of the safety technologies in cars has further increased. There are security alerts, cameras, radars and warning signals in cars which keep driver and passengers aware of the possible risk. The drive-assist technologies not only allow the drivers to quickly take preventive actions upon detection of some near collisions but can also take responsive action automatically to ensure safety. Now, many newly launched cars in the world are equipped with advanced safety features. Let’s discuss the technologies which have launched in recent times have to improve the overall safety while driving.

Intelligent Parking Assist

Intelligent parking assist system includes a rearview camera that provides the full back view of parking area along with backup collision intervention. The camera is capable of providing the multi-angle rear view with blind spot detection while backup collision intervention helps a driver to detect nearby crossing vehicles and other objects. Both features assist a driver to safely park the vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control

In adaptive cruise control system, there are sensors which detect the distance of the vehicle running ahead and automatically adjust the speed of the car to maintain the appropriate distance from it. In this way it prevents the possible collisions at high speed.

safety feature adaptive cruise control

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Lane Assist Safety Technology

In lane departure warning system, there are sensors which monitor vehicle movement. If the vehicle is close to deviating from its lane without giving the turn signal, it issues a warning to the driver. There are different sensors in this system such as video, laser and infrared sensors which help to minimize the chance of lane swerving. It also helps the drive to remain active while driving.

lane assist safety feature

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Blind Spot Assist

There is a radar sensor system that works in blind spot assist technology which monitors the area around the vehicle and notifies to the driver if it detects some vehicle in the blind spot. Side mirrors of cars also have blind spot detectors to detect the closing in vehicles from multiple sides. The Blind spot assist feature issues a warning to the driver in case a passing by vehicle gets too close to comfort. Further, it can also apply brakes automatically for keeping the vehicle in the lane to avoid the collision and maximize safety.

car safety blind spot assist

Emergency Response System

Many car manufacturers have introduced the emergency response system in their vehicles which can work automatically in an emergency situation. It can perform actions like, informing emergency services via e-call, unlocking doors, disconnecting battery terminals and providing alerts to the emergency center for urgent help. Toyota has emergency assistance that driver can push in emergency for emergency assistance. This feature helps to ensure the ultimate safety by calling the emergency services automatically.

car emergency response system

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Importance of the Safety Features in a Car

The automobile manufacturers are making their best efforts to introduce new cars with the most advanced safety features to maximize the road safety and reduce road accidents. The drivers also need to understand the functioning of safety features in order to make use of them in the best possible way. These safety features have great importance as they make your drive safe. Many other advanced safety technologies are also underway and it is expected that the coming years will witness a considerable decrease in the traffic problems and road accidents with the help of these technologies.

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