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Understanding the Lane Assist Safety Technology

Safety is an integral facet of the modern vehicles today. In fact, it has become more important than all other features of automobiles. The importance of safety measures in a vehicle carries so much weight because they not only save the drivers from dangerous accidents but also help them follow certain traffic rules and regulations in a country. Many people have cars with modern safety features but do not understand the use of them. The youth of today is tech-savvy and gets adapted to any new innovation in no time. But when it comes to the earlier generation, the understanding of modern technologies is not that easy whether in cars or in other areas of life. Before you buy any car it is necessary to check what safety features it has.

This reading helps the drivers understand one of the most important modern-day safety features of the car i.e. Lane Assist.

How Does the Lane Assist in Cars Work?

In most of the cars with the Lane Assist System, there is a back camera attached to the system. The camera monitors the lane marking and in accordance to that calculates the position of the car. The system gets activated usually at above 60km/h. It alerts the driver with an audible sound or a vibration if the car shifts from one lane to another inappropriately without giving the indicator. The alert gets notified to the driver through the steering wheel or the driver seat. There is also an advanced type of lane assist system present in modern day cars. It is different from the conventional system in a way that it controls the steering of the car in case of the poor lane change and gets it back to the right lane with a slight jolt. The lane assist system especially helps the distracted drivers on highways and other roads too.

Lane assist helps you to stay in your lane and prevents accidents

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Importance of the Lane Assist in Cars

Lane Assist System is not an entirely new phenomenon and exists in many cars today. Different companies name it differently but the function of this useful safety feature remains the same. This safety system is installed in the cars to assist the drivers about the lanes on a road. The basic purpose of the Lane Assist functionality in cars is to keep the driver alert of a possible diversion in the lane and assists keeping the car in the appropriate lane. According to the Ministry of Interior UAE, in 2015, the most significant cause of fatal accidents in the country was Sudden Lane Swerving. In countries like UAE, where motorists have frequently been found guilty of poor lane changing, the Lane Assist Safety feature can surely prove to be a significant help.

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