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10 important tips to prevent accidents for new drivers

There has been much research on new drivers. Unfortunately, the results are not so good. According to a survey done recently shows that :

• New drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of driving than any other time of his life.
• Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in 15 to 20 years. This represents 40 % of all deaths among young people.

• Only 20 % of 16 to 19 year olds driving at night , but 50 % of fatal accidents in these hours.
• car between the hours of 21.00 bis 06.00 clock occur 43 percent of the young people killed
• 54 percent of teens killed in motor vehicles occurs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
• Approximately 36 % of the accidents that kill young people involved alcohol.

You can choose not to be one of these statistics. Assume a mature and responsible attitude can it takes practice and experience to develop the skills you need to identify all the risks that come with driving . The faster you agree to accept this responsibility , the easier it will be for you and your parents.

1st –  Always fasten your seat belt , and refuse to move the car until all passengers strapped .

2nd – Slow down and give yourself enough time. Speed in UAE ​​is the # 1 cause of accidents involving young drivers . Remember, the faster it goes, the more you have to stop. The faster you go , if you want something that made ​​more impact and damage. Instead of running time trying to ” shift” in the way , and get good plan in advance where you are sure to point without acceleration. It’s safer , and you will save money on speeding tickets and insurance.

3rd – Not to close on. A considerable distance required to stop a car from 50 km / h . In fact, 14 meters are required to maintain that speed. Stay far enough so that you can stop safely and without touching the front of the vehicle . This applies to the distance between you and the vehicle ahead signs and traffic lights .

4th – Adjust your speed to the weather. If there is ice, snow , rain or fog , you need to go under the speed limit to be safe , or to postpone their trip until the weather gets better.

5th – customs are for driving , not for text messages. Anything that distracts the driver from the road, is a distraction , distraction, and can be dangerous. At the top of the list of dangerous distractions are cell phones when used to send text messages or talk. Put the cell phone while driving away . No SMS or a call that can not wait until you are on the road. This includes eating and drinking while driving moves .

6th – Tighten all connections before you set off . These include mirrors, seat and stereo. Securing of the objects in the vehicle. If I make an unexpected stop you do not want , or a passenger was struck in the head with a hockey stick , backpack , etc.

7th – Do not drive when you are tired. You start the car and passengers at risk.

8th  - At night, do not drive until you have to deal with all the extra challenges that go down into the darkness enough experience and confidence to .

9th  - No backup – About 25 % of all accidents occur in reverse . Drivers tend to approach a good parking which leads to a parking lot is to accept . While it is easy to park this way , it is more difficult , the rear parking space left . If possible, try to park your car is in the first step that you do park in the forward direction.

10th  - First, look ….. So pay attention to all . When we travel , we tend to forget that driving is a program that requires us to participate , to be involved in the program . We tend to know , and what we see ourselves, but the responsibility continues. We must not take care of themselves to look for those who do not or want.

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