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Top 4 Adventure Destinations to Explore in the UAE

If you are an adventure enthusiast, then there can be no better place than the UAE to give wings to your dreams of ripping through an off-road adventurous trip in a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). There are many off-road adventure destinations that you can plan and explore with your family and friends in a sturdy and robust SUV.

A number of off-road tracks, desert dunes, rocky terrain and many other adventurous places in the UAE await adventure-seekers who can have the time of their lives on an adventurous trip that they have always longed for. The adventure destinations in the UAE are for both beginners and expert off-road drivers and you can choose a destination based on your driving skills, wanderlust and passion for driving beyond limits.

The thrill of an adventurous off-road trip can only be complete with an exciting off-road vehicle. These giant off-roaders are more commonly known as SUVs. To no one’s surprise, SUVs rule the hearts of the people in the UAE and are among the most sought-after vehicles of the UAE car market.

Let’s first explore some amazing adventure-filled destinations in the UAE and then reveal some of the best SUVs available in the UAE car market to make your adventure trips truly unforgettable.

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Bidayer, also known as the “Big Red sand dune,” it is one of the most amazing adventure destinations in the UAE. Located along the Hatta/Oman Highway (E44), Sharjah, it takes 45 minutes to drive from Dubai to reach this thrilling dune bashing site. It is an ultimate place for adventure enthusiasts who remain in the pursuit of some thrill-seeking adventures.

Bidayer is famous for its sand that has a dark red color to it, which further attracts the attention of adventure lovers. Making it trouble-free to explore for even amateur drivers, this adventure destination has the easiest of dunes among the rest of deserts in the UAE. It is one of the most visited sand dunes in the country as families and groups of friends gather at this amazing destination on weekends and holidays to try out dune bashing and enjoy other attractions of Bidayer. These attractions include dune buggy ride, quad biking, camel rides, jeep safaris and camping.

Jebel Maleihah

Jebel Maleihah is one of the most adventure-filled tourist destinations in the UAE. This desert has a peaceful feeling to it and is an ideal place for camping and desert safari. You can virtually pitch a camp anywhere as this desert is also one of the biggest deserts in the UAE. Located along the Sharjah/Kalba road, it is 50 minutes away from Dubai.

One amazing attraction of this adventure destination is “Fossil Rock” which is a small mountain range where you can find marine fossils that are said to be more than 80 million years old. Other attractions of this exciting adventure destination include hiking, hunting and photography. It is an ideal place to satisfy your wanderlust and experience true fun and entertainment on an adventure-filled trip with family and friends.

Jebel Maleihah

Al Faya Desert

With one of the biggest sand dunes to drive down, Al Faya is a popular off-road destination in the UAE for adventure seekers. It is located towards the east coast exclaves as you drive along the Sharjah-Kalba Road and it takes just 50 minutes to drive from Dubai to reach this breathtaking landscape. It is a stunning place, more popularly known as “Big Fall” desert for its dunes allowing the dune bashing lovers to test the might of their off-roaders in a thrilling down the hill ride of this amazing desert.

Al Faya is bigger than Bidayer and is one of the most popular tourist spots in the UAE. The SUV enthusiasts love this desert because it is widespread, captivating and challenging, and they can enjoy a breathtaking dune bashing experience here in Al Faya Desert. Other attractions of this wonderful adventure destination include camping under the stars, photography and desert safari.

Biggest sand dunes of the UAE

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Sweihan is among the most challenging deserts of the UAE for dune bashing enthusiasts. It is rough, big and wide, and has deep dunes, which can be extremely intimidating to drive through for amateur drivers. This is an interesting tourist spot as it is located along the border of three cities; Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain. Sweihan is the ultimate desert for the practice of Liwa enthusiasts and this why it is also famously known as Little Liwa among Emiratis.

With widespread dunes and heaps of soft sand, Sweihan is little different from other deserts in the UAE and this is the reason that only expert drivers visit the Sweihan to test the might of their off-road SUVs. If you are an expert dune basher but visiting the Sweihan desert for the first time, you are advised to follow the GPS navigation to explore this amazing desert to its ultimate depth. One of the most tempting attractions of this far-reaching sand dune is the Naqrah sand dune that can be found only when you explore the depth of Sweihan desert. Naqrah is a deep sand dune that is worth-visiting at least once in a lifetime for every expert adventure enthusiast.

Best SUVs of 2019 for a Breathtaking Adventure-filled Off-Road Trip

2019 has been a great year for Sports Utility Vehicles as car manufacturers have taken the performance potential of their new and upgraded SUVs to an entirely new level for ultimate off-road capabilities. The SUVs that have been revealed in 2019 boast amazing performance features, state-of-the-art driver-assist technologies and essential safety features to make these vehicles more purposeful, safe and reliable in their stance, appeal and overall performance.

Here are some of the most outstanding SUVs of 2019 that are available in the UAE car market:


SUVs are the true conquerors of challenging terrains and especially for adventures like dune bashing and desert safaris. All the above-mentioned SUVs bring the most exhilarating experience to make any adventurous trip truly unforgettable for adventure seekers. With enormous space, rugged body, performance to deliver a trouble-free ride and reliable build-quality, these SUVs are best companions for ripping through the UAE deserts for absolute fun and enjoyment.

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