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How to Prepare Your Car for the UAE’s Summer?

The long and daunting summer season has started in the UAE, which can make life difficult for car owners if they do not give importance to regular maintenance of their vehicles. During the hot and humid weather conditions, a vehicle requires more attention and all the necessary maintenance protocols must be followed to keep a vehicle well-maintained. Considering the rise in temperature, the automotive experts recommend the car owners to prepare their vehicles for the summer season beforehand.

The roads absorb more heat during the summer season, which demands the tyres of a vehicle to be in a good condition. The maintenance of the engine and battery should be prioritized while getting a vehicle prepared for the UAE’s summer. In addition to this, the air conditioning system should be properly checked and car windows should be tinted according to the permitted limit in the UAE to keep the cabin unaffected of the hot weather outside.

All these practices can help in keeping a vehicle well-maintained during the summer season, which can have a toll on any vehicle that is not properly maintained.

Here are the details of all the essential practices that should be followed to get a vehicle ready for the daunting summer season in the UAE.

Checking the Car Fluids

It is important to check if the fluids of a vehicle are at their optimal levels at the outset of the summer season. The essential fluids of a vehicle include engine coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid among others. These fluids play an essential role in lubricating the mechanical parts of a vehicle and should be filled in their respective reservoirs.

Engine oil is another important lubricant that should be checked at the start of the summer season and changed instantly if required. A vehicle running low at the engine oil can be vulnerable to a sudden breakdown during the hot and humid weather conditions.


Engine Maintenance

During the summer season, the engine of a vehicle can overheat after a few hours of constant driving. However, this will not cause any major problem if the engine coolant and engine oil are at their optimal levels. The engine of the vehicle and its cooling system should be kept well-maintained during the summer season to prevent overheating and rusting of engine parts. The engine can be saved from serious damage by getting it serviced ahead of the summer season and by maintaining the optimal engine coolant level at all times.

Battery Service

The summer season can also affect the battery of a vehicle if it is not properly checked and maintained. The high temperature can accelerate the evaporation of fluids inside a vehicle’s battery, which can lead to reduced battery life. To eliminate the effect of increasing temperature on battery life, one should ensure that the level of battery fluid is regularly checked and maintained. The battery of a vehicle supplies power to the electrical systems, and it should always be in its top condition. Car owners must keep an eye on their battery life and change it as soon as the need arises.


AC Maintenance & Window Tinting

The high temperature in the summer season can increase the demand for the air conditioning system to work at its best. It is important to inspect the air conditioning system of a vehicle before the start of the summer season. The fundamental parts of the air conditioning system including evaporator, condenser and compressor should be thoroughly checked to identify and eliminate any technical problem that may cause inconvenience later.

Tinted windows are also important for keeping the environment of the cabin unaffected of the outside temperature. Getting the windows of your vehicle tinted before the outset of the summer season can be an effective way of preparing your vehicle for the UAE’s summer. However, it is important not to exceed the 50% tinting limit allowed by the authorities in the UAE.


Tyre Maintenance

Roads absorb more heat during the summer season, which can have a damaging impact on the tyres of a vehicle. Therefore, it is very important to check your car tyres for regular maintenance ahead of and during the summer season. The best way to keep the tyres of your vehicle in good shape is to ensure that they are neither under-inflated nor over-inflated. Additionally, you have to ensure that the tyre tread has not lost its shape. The tyre tread should not be below 1.6mm and this can be easily measured with the help of a Tyre Tread Depth Gauge. Keeping tyres well-maintained during the summer season can help in avoiding dangerous situations caused by sudden tyre blowouts.


Maintaining a Used Car with High Maintenance Cost

Preparing your used car for the UAE’s summer is essential to avoid hefty repair costs that may result from poor or lack of vehicle maintenance. It is important to note that old and aging vehicles are vulnerable to sudden breakdowns during the summer season. Most of the mechanical parts of these vehicles have already undergone excessive wear and even if you regularly maintain these vehicles, there will still be a risk of an unexpected breakdown.

As soon as you have identified that the maintenance cost of your vehicle has exceeded its actual residual value, you should think about upgrading your vehicle to a new one. This is the only way you will be able to avoid sudden breakdowns that can cause dangerous road accidents in heavy traffic.

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