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Important Things to Consider when Buying a Used Car in the UAE

Several important factors should be brought into consideration whenever you decide to buy a used car in the UAE. The used car market of the UAE has grown constantly during the last few years, thanks to the ever-growing demand for used cars of all types. Car buyers can easily find a used car within their budget, however, some important factors should always be considered before making a final decision to buy a used car.

A cautious yet proactive approach can help car buyers in avoiding fraudulent deals that can result in serious financial loss. From checking the service history to test driving a used vehicle, it is essential to follow all the important practices that can help in making the right decision. On the other hand, if you are looking to first sell your used car to buy a new one, you should avoid a trade-in offer from a dealership as this offer only caters to the benefits of dealers.

Here is everything that car buyers should consider while buying a used car in the UAE.

Odometer Checking

Odometer is the best way to know many things about a used vehicle’s condition. The odometer reading can provide information about the actual mileage of the vehicle, which can make it easier to decide whether to buy a car or not. Used car buyers mostly prefer cars that have low mileage and to attract the attention of such buyers, many people with fraudulent intentions temper the odometer reading of their vehicles. It is one of the most common frauds that car buyers can experience whenever they decide to buy a used car.

Car buyers should take the help of an automotive expert to check the odometer of a vehicle as the accurate assessment of the odometer can only be possible after removing it from a vehicle’s dashboard. The vehicle service record and history must also be checked and compared with the odometer reading.

Check if the Used Vehicle Had a Major Accident

If this is your first time buying a vehicle from the used car market, you should take the help of an expert to find out if the used vehicle you are planning to buy was involved in a major accident. However, if it is not possible, you can do it yourself by following some important tips that are given below:

  • Check the bumper and fender for possible cracks as these parts can break easily in a collision.
  • Check the car’s body line and paint to assess if the panels of the car have been replaced or worked on previously. For this purpose, you should sit close to the car and monitor the body lines of the vehicle. If you notice any uneven line or distorted reflection, it indicates that the car may have been involved in an accident due to which the body panels might have been changed along with a paint job.
  • Assess the panels and door gaps to see if they fit properly. The car that was previously involved in an accident will have uneven gaps due to the replacement of panels and doors.

Test Drive the Car Before Buying it

This is one of the most important practices that should never be ignored while buying a used car in the UAE. Test driving a vehicle can make it easier to assess the condition of the mechanical and electrical systems of a vehicle.

Here are the things that should be considered while test driving a used vehicle:

  • Drive the vehicle for 10 to 15 minutes in different driving conditions if possible.
  • Test the brakes and check if the brakes feel spongy or weak. It must be checked if you can stop the car quickly or is there a long braking distance. It should also be checked if brakes are smooth or too hard.
  • One must also check the transmission of the vehicle during its test drive. If there is a manual transmission vehicle, it should be checked how the clutch feels (light or heavy) and if the gear shifts are smooth.
  • Check the climate control systems and other electric systems to ensure that everything is working fine.
  • Look out for any weird noises while driving the car, especially when driving over the bumps. If you hear any type of creaking or groaning, there can be a problem with the suspension of the vehicle.

Check if the Traffic Fines Against the Vehicle are Cleared

Car buyers should always ensure that the vehicle they are planning to buy must not have any outstanding fines against it. This can be checked using the Ministry of Interior app, RTA website in Dubai and by visiting any nearby traffic department.

Check the Documents and Service History of the Vehicle

In a bid to make a final decision about buying a car, it is important to check all the documents and service history of the vehicle thoroughly. The documents that must be checked while buying a car include:

  • Car Insurance
  • Bank clearance documents if the owner of the vehicle took a car loan. On the other hand, a release letter, or a no-objection certificate (NOC) will be required from the bank to transfer the loan to the buyer
  • Vehicle ownership certificate of the seller
  • Technical inspection certificate of the vehicle

The service history of the vehicle should also be checked to make an assessment about the maintenance of the vehicle over the years of its use.

Choose the Right Platform to Sell Your Old Car

Car buyers who are looking to buy a new vehicle after selling their old vehicle must choose the right platform to get a fair resale price. While upgrading to a new vehicle, car buyers must avoid trading in their vehicles, which refers to selling a vehicle to a dealer and buying a new vehicle from the same dealer. The difference between the payments is paid by the customer and this is how a vehicle can be upgraded in a trade-in deal.

This option is not good for car buyers since both transactions (selling and buying vehicles) are considered as one in a trade-in deal. It means car sellers will either get a discount on the purchase of a new car or get a fair price for the used car. The difference in payments is paid by the sellers which can limit the benefits that can be obtained by separating the two transactions. offers the most suitable alternative to a trade-in deal. With, a used vehicle can be sold at a fair price, which can make it easier to buy a new vehicle. offers guaranteed purchase of every used car that has been inspected by its experts and provides a hassle-free car selling experience to car sellers. Customers can choose to sell their vehicle at a fair price, regardless of its make, model, age or condition. is the fastest way to sell any used car in the UAE and the company also takes care of the paperwork so that car sellers can quickly sell their vehicles and upgrade to new ones.


All the above-mentioned practices should be followed while buying a used vehicle. These practices can make it easier to choose the right vehicle within one’s budget and can help in avoiding the risk of fraudulent deals. From test driving a used vehicle to choosing the right platform to sell your old vehicle, every step should be taken carefully to make a well-calculated decision while buying a used car in the UAE.

If you are looking to sell your used car to buy a new one with advanced safety features and improved performance, then don’t forget that with us, you can sell any used car in just 30 minutes while all the post-sale paperwork is handled by’s team.

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