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Guidelines to Getting the Driving License in Dubai

You must have a driving license to be able to drive in Dubai. The process of getting a driving license requires you to follow certain steps and the whole process usually spans over 3 months. You must join a driving school in Dubai to make the process of getting driving license hassle free. The driving schools help you complete the entire process effectively so you become eligible of driving in Dubai. The driving schools provide support for understanding the process of tests for driving and how to pass them comfortably.

Following are the fundamental pre-requisites to have a driving license in Dubai:

  • 2 Copies of your Passport along with the original passport
  • Original Residence Visa with 2 Copies of it
  • Original ID Card of Dubai and its single copy
  • 8 Photographs of Passport size
  • Certificate of Eye Sight by an Eye Test Center Recognized by the Driving School you attend
  • Letter of No Objection From the Sponsor

Rules and Regulations

You must be at least 17 years and 6 months old to join the driving school and you will get your license at your 18th birthday conditioned to the completion of driving tests. For those applying for the first time for a driving license in Dubai with no previous license record, it is essential to attend 40 sessions of 30 minutes each, compulsory lectures and theory tests.

Best Driving Schools in Dubai and their Fee

Driving schools make your path to getting a driving license easier and this is why they carry great importance. Following are the well-reputed driving schools in Dubai:

  1. Emirates Driving Institute
  2. Dubai Driving Center
  3. BELHASA Driving Center
  4. Al Ahli Driving Center
  5. Galadari Motor Driving Center

The fees of different driving schools vary but the difference is not large. A general driving course with all the important elements including the 40 sessions and lectures will cost you somewhere in between AED 5000 to AED 7000. It can cost you up to AED 17000 if you want to complete the course as a VIP.

Process to Follow at the Driving School

Once you pay the fee at the driving school and get enrolled for the driving license, you will have the test for your eye sight from a recognized eye center. After that, you will be issued a provision driving license to drive a test car with an instructor in Dubai. With this license, you cannot drive any other vehicle in the city. After that, you appear for all the tests and lessons. Once the internal testing gets done, the school applies for a theory test for you that will be followed by a Road Drive Test.

Theory Test and its Components

The theory test charges you AED 200 and you have to appear with 2 passport size photos for the test. The test consists of two parts. One part carries 17 general questions about driving, safety while driving, road signals and traffic guidelines. The other part consists of 18 questions about the driving license. You need to answer correctly; a total of 11 questions from the first part and 12 from the second to pass the test.

There is another interesting part of this test which involves watching 5 videos and pushing a button whenever you detect a dangerous situation in the video.

This is basically a hazard protection test as you can see in the graphic below:

Test for Driving License

Road Test for Driving License

You will choose the date for the road test yourself and appear at the test center with your passport, 2 passport size photos and driving file. You will have to fill out an application form and hand over the fee of AED 200 to AED 300 for the test. Following this procedure, you will be moved to the test area where you will have a car to drive and show the driving potential. On passing the test your driving file will get stamped. Then you will go to an area where your photo will be taken to make the driving license ready. After all of that, you will have your driving license ready in few minutes and you will be legally allowed to drive in Dubai.

Compulsary Road Test for Driving License

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