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How to Get a Good Value for Your Used Car?

The market of used cars in the UAE has grown constantly during the last few years. A large number of used cars are sold and purchased every day in the highly competitive used car market. While the availability of extensive variety of used cars makes it easier for car buyers to choose the right vehicle within their budget, it increases the difficulty for car sellers to stand their vehicle out from the crowd. Finding a potential buyer to sell a car at a fair price can thus be challenging for car sellers. However, by following some important practices, car sellers can get a good resale value for their used cars.

Keeping a vehicle well-maintained over a long period is essential for getting a good resale price for it. Thorough research, knowledge about market trends, good negotiation skills and finding the right platform for selling a used car are some of the most important practices that should never be ignored whenever you decide to sell your used car.

In addition to this, determining the resale value of a car through a professional car valuation system can be helpful in selling a used car at a fair price. On the other hand, being mindful of people with fraudulent intentions is also important, particularly when selling a used car privately.

Let’s have a detailed look at the essential practices that can help car owners in getting a good resale value for their used cars.

Regular Maintenance of a Vehicle

Regular maintenance bears critical importance when it comes to keeping a vehicle in good condition over the years of its use. It pays off when a car owner decides to sell the car, considering the well-maintained vehicles can be sold at a fair price in the used car market. The automotive experts recommend maintaining a vehicle according to the instructions mentioned in the car owner’s manual.

Regular car maintenance not only helps with keeping a vehicle in a good shape, but also plays a major role in maintaining the consistency in its performance over a long period. The most important parts of a vehicle that should be maintained periodically include engine, battery, car fluids, tyres and air conditioner. Well-maintained vehicles that have most of their original accessories in good condition always attract the attention of car buyers.

Regular Cleaning

The interior and exterior quality can have a major impact on the resale price of a used car. Car owners who want to get a good price for their vehicles must have a regular schedule for detailed cleaning of their vehicles.

Regular cleaning is particularly important for a vehicle that is often parked in an open area. With regular cleaning, the paint of the vehicle can be protected against premature deterioration. Parking a vehicle in an open area can expose it to sunlight, dust and bird droppings, which can damage the exterior if remained unnoticed for a long time. To avoid such a situation, it is ideal to park your vehicle in a shaded area.

You can do the basic cleaning of your vehicle with a wet cloth to get the dust and bird droppings off it in a hassle-free way. The maintenance of the interior and exterior of the vehicle plays an important role in getting you a good resale price whenever you decide to sell it.

Value Determination of the Vehicle

Determining the value of your vehicle can be helpful in getting the idea about the actual market price of a used car. The residual value of a vehicle can be determined in many ways. A professional dealer can evaluate a vehicle for its actual resale price, however, it may involve a certain car evaluation fee and the evaluation might not be 100% accurate.

On the other hand, this can be effectively done with the help of an online car valuation system. Such online valuation systems are offered by several specialist car buying companies in the UAE that are providing advanced car selling services to the sellers. With the help of an online valuation system, the value of a vehicle can be determined in just a few seconds.

The value determination ahead of selling a used car can help car sellers in knowing the actual value of their car in the used car market. This practice can be useful in avoiding a major problem that refers to overvaluing or undervaluing a vehicle, which can make it difficult to find a potential car buyer or result in a financial loss.

Avoiding Fraudulent Car Deals

Car owners should choose the right platform for selling their vehicles in a hassle-free and safe manner. The private selling of your vehicle through classified websites can be unproductive, risky and time-taking. Privately selling a vehicle through these websites does not guarantee that you will be able to find a potential car buyer quickly and you might have to wait for several weeks to sell your car.

On the other hand, it is also unsafe to use classified websites for selling a car. Several fraudsters can approach car sellers through these websites as classified websites do not verify the identity of their users. To avoid financial loss, car sellers must choose a reliable platform to sell their used cars.

Good Negotiation Skills

Negotiating to get a good price for a used car can be a serious challenge for inexperienced car sellers. When you are selling your car privately, this is an important factor that can help you get a good price for your used car. However, if your negotiation skills are not good, it might lead to a financial loss. Professional dealers, in particular, can easily convince car sellers to sell their vehicles at low prices. Determining the value of a used car beforehand can help in negotiating for a fair resale price with used car dealers.

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After the online valuation, a car seller can book an appointment for the physical inspection of a vehicle at one of the nationwide branches of the company. During the physical inspection, a vehicle is thoroughly inspected by automotive experts and the final price for the used car is offered to the car sellers. offers a fair price for every used car, which eliminates the need for lengthy negotiations. If a car seller agrees and decides to sell the car to the company, a sales agreement is signed right away and the post-sale paperwork is handled by ensures guaranteed purchase of every used car that has been inspected by its experts. Selling a used car becomes safe, convenient and 100% hassle-free with

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