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Factors to Consider when Selling a Car Privately in the UAE

Selling a car privately can be a serious challenge for car sellers, especially if they do not have any prior experience. Selling a car privately means that a car seller will have to find a buyer and deal with the paperwork without any professional help. In addition to this, car sellers can also face some other challenges such as car scams and difficulty in negotiating for a fair resale price with car buyers or dealers. Car sellers can avoid such challenges by choosing the right platform and taking some important factors into consideration.

There are several options for selling a car privately in the UAE, which include classified websites, car dealers and specialist car buying companies. Before making a final decision, car sellers must compare all the available options to avoid the aforementioned challenges. While selling a car through classified websites can be risky and time-consuming, the services of car dealers cannot be considered the best option. Specialist car buying companies, on the other hand, offer a suitable platform for selling a car privately as they provide car sellers with a comprehensive car buying service.

Let’s discuss the common challenges that car sellers can face while selling their vehicles privately in the UAE.

Delays in Finding a Serious Buyer

One of the most challenging aspects of selling a vehicle privately is the difficulty involved in finding a serious buyer. If you are using classified websites to sell your car, there is a massive risk that you will have to wait for several weeks to find a serious buyer. The classified websites can help car owners in advertising their vehicles to attract the attention of car buyers, however, the process of selling a car through these websites can be seriously difficult. Several car buyers may show interest in your vehicle immediately but may delay their decision to inspect or test drive the vehicle.

Car buyers often keep two or three options in their mind while purchasing a used vehicle and since a wide variety of similar vehicles is available in the UAE’s used car market, it can become challenging for car sellers to find a buyer quickly. Even if the buyers show up for the inspection of a used car, there is no guarantee that they will make a final decision about buying that car. Car sellers will not have to face this problem if they decide to sell their vehicles through professional dealers or specialist car buying companies.

Risk of Fraudulent Deals

Private selling of a car can be tricky as it can involve the potential risk of car selling scams and frauds. Inexperienced car sellers and expatriates should be more careful as they can become an easy target for people with fraudulent intentions. The lack of experience can make car sellers vulnerable to car scams and fraudulent car deals since they can find it difficult to distinguish between fraudsters and genuine buyers.

Selling a used car privately through dealers is among the most common ways in which a used car can be sold in the UAE. However, car sellers should be cautious as several unlicensed dealers can trick them by faking their identity. These dealers are not authorized to sell or purchase a vehicle in the UAE and they must be avoided by car sellers at all costs. Therefore, it is very important for car sellers to look for a reputable car dealer for selling a used car. The trade license of a dealer should also be checked if there is any doubt about the identity of the dealer.

On the other hand, classified websites cannot be considered safe for selling used cars due to the absence of a mechanism to govern the authenticity of all the users of these websites. Also, the lack of monitoring of the entire car selling process makes the classified websites unsafe and unreliable for the car sellers.

Unsafe Payment Process

Car selling through classified websites can be unsafe due to the absence of any payment gateway for the transactions. In the past, few incidents were recorded in the UAE where a dud cheque was given to the car seller as the payment against a vehicle’s value. Car sellers must, therefore, be careful and avoid accepting a cheque whenever they decide to sell their car through classified websites.

Risk of Financial Loss

There is a significant risk of financial loss when you are selling a vehicle through a car dealership. Car dealers are highly experienced professionals who can convince car sellers to sell their vehicles at a low price. The risk of a financial loss increases if the seller does not have the prior experience of selling used cars. Since the inexperienced sellers do not have the required negotiation skills, the car dealers can easily trick them into selling their vehicles at a low resale price.

In addition to this, car dealerships often give the option of trade-ins to the car sellers who are looking to buy a new vehicle after selling their old vehicle. A trade-in deal refers to selling a used car and buying a new car from the same dealer with the seller having to pay the difference between the two payments. Such a deal is not beneficial for the seller since dealers consider a trade-in deal as a single transaction. It implies that the customer will only benefit from either selling a car at a good price or by getting a discount on the purchase of a new car in a trade-in deal. One can get both these benefits by separating the two transactions.

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