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Dacia Sandero Stepway dCi 90 – part 1

Since Dacia hands put to work to deeply renew its range of products, its sales have skyrocketed. In fact, in the last 8 years, the low-cost brand owned by Renault Group, has sold 4 million units worldwide.

The secret of Dacia to achieve such positive results, is based on the ability to offer a range of products with a habitability / unpublished price, accompanied by a high level of reliability, quality and efficient engines coming, completed by the guarantor relationship and the savoir-faire of the Renault network. Dacia has a very broad deployment of about 500 points throughout the country.

These models are equipped with the “just and necessary” useful technologies and practices to provide the customer the optimal quality / price ratio.


A brand valued by consumers

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has recently designated the Dacia brand, through a survey of 29,000 interviews in Spain, as the brand perceived as more reliable cars by consumers.

Although the full range of Dacia cars consists in that price is the main trick, signing of Romanian origin continues in the renovation of all its products. For this, the last in December 2012, launched a Dacia Sandero renovated next to significantly improve the previous model.

More fresh and modern

First, it is obvious that the body has a much more modern and contemporary look. For the Stepway version, which has a camper aspect has a ground clearance 40 mm higher than normal Sandero and is 6 cm longer than the previous model. Aesthetically differs from other models, thanks to its two-tone bumper, wider wheel steps, longitudinal roof bars and new 16-inch wheels.

Inside the improvement also draws attention to win many integers. This is a car that is high quality and solid feel. To begin, the first thing that strikes you is the new dashboard. Although the materials remain simple and rigid look and feel to convey a good feeling. There are many quality improvements in utility with a higher price.

Dacia Sandero Stepway dCi 90

Besides the new dashboard that can be bi-tone models and versions as there are elements in chrome shifter, steering wheel and instrument panel vents. The center console is highlighted by a trim color (depending on the finish) that matches the door handles and decorative circle with the wheel.


More clarity and information on the dashboard

The new equipment is very complete picture. According to accounts, the display shows outside temperature, time, the arrows of the Interior, as well as instant and average fuel consumption, range in liters and kilometers, the distance traveled since the last refueling and the remaining distance to the next review. Everything is clear, simple and clear typography is very modern and nice. Moreover, the air conditioning controls and adjusting the electric mirrors are more functional and accessible.

The cockpit is well designed although the wheel can only be adjusted in height. The driving position is elevated, which facilitates the driving.

The seat upholstery featuring a more than acceptable quality are not overly envelopes, but are comfortable and satisfied with their role perfectly. According to reports, the driver’s seat is adjustable in height.

Compared to the previous model, the driving position is comfortable; thanks to the footrest area is much broader. Furthermore, in an option, it can incorporate a central armrest.


As wide as ever

What does not change in the Sandero, is the magnificent breadth there throughout the cabin. Undoubtedly remains one of the strengths of this model.

In the front, its width at shoulder height of the three new models is still the best in the segment: 1387 mm. As for the width at elbow height of 1417 mm, is still unmatched in the segment that owns the New Logan.

In the back, shoulder width and elbows (1389 mm and 1434 mm respectively for New Logan and 1436 mm and 1393 mm for Nuevo Sandero and Sandero Stepway) are also best in class. Three adults can sit comfortably and in the back of new models, where you can also install three child seats.


Dacia Sandero Stepway dCi 90

Like many models in its segment, the interior does not offer too many compartments for storing small items. However, all are well-located and practical. For instance, at the top of the dashboard there is a small tray that can leave a wallet or a mobile phone (see picture).In front of the shifter are two coasters where you can leave a soda pot and a removable ashtray that can also act as a storage compartment (see picture). There are also new spaces in the front and rear doors that allow host a bottle of 0.5 l and 1.5 l, respectively.


Capacity in the boot record

The trunk still has the same capacity (320 liters), a figure that continues to place the Sandero as the best in its segment.

The whole environment is well upholstered trunk, integrates two hooks for hanging bags and a point light located on the left side (see picture). Under floor find a spare wheel that is the same as the rest.

If you need to increase the luggage compartment, the backrests of the rear seats can be folded in 60/40. Under these conditions, even if the floor is not completely flat, the maximum capacity rises to 1,200 liters.


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